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Unwind the Soul Healing

I create a ‘Sacred Space‘ initially. I use the Power of the Spoken Word, utilizing Prayer specifically, to achieve detailed results unique to each individuals’ needs, but also for Safety! We sit in comfortable armchairs opposite each other.

The Healing begins with my ability to see, feel & hear with searing clear psychic vision, what Love needs you to surrender or let go of. There may also be initiation, activation, recalibration and atunement that may be required as well, or ‘next’.

I work with the Highest Frequencies of Love & with the Lords’ & Masters’ of the Highest degree. With access to the Akashic Records, the Bardo Realms and the many planes & dimensions & galaxies, therefore, allows a seamless, clear & thorough Healing. This is achieved One on One in my Healing Sanctuary Room.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$USD 175.00

Long Distance Healing, UnWind the Soul Detox Healing

I have come to know, having given thousands of healings, how to decode the language of light. Working with the many bodies & systems, for example, the Auric Field, the Etheric, Causal, Mental & Emotional Bodies. Utilising & tapping into the Akashic Records, your Guides and Angels, & the Higher Self & OverSoul.

Streamlining Atunement and Alignment, Retrieval of Soul Fragmentation, Chakra Balancing & Polarity Work, DNA Activation, Shen, the list is endless.

Exactly the same as a One on One Healing, but utilizing Skype

It is also possible to merge the Astrology Reading with an ‘UnWind the Soul’ Healing. Usually around 1.5 -2 Hours in duration.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$USD 175.00

Evolutionary Astrology Reading

I stand in a Traditional Astrology background with further studies in Transpersonal, Esoteric and now, Evolutionary Astrology. (EA). I simply LOVE Astrology.
Evolutionary Astrology is a specific paradigm that reveals the evolutionary developments and evolutionary progression of a Soul.

I use EA as a marvelous tool to further see you and what you have come here to attain in this lifetime as a Soul. In essence, the Evolutionary Astrologer is a SOUL WORKER who is able to help others understand their own unique evolutionary journey from life to life.
Reading your Natal Chart gives a greater understanding of YOU.

Transits & Progressions will give a thorough knowing & understanding to ascertain which planets are impulsing you, what are they impressing upon you to become more, adjust, redefine or let go of.

This too, can be achieved on Skype Long Distance.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$USD 150.00

UnWind the Soul + Astrology Reading

Combine these two powerful readings into one super juicy 2.5- hour experience at a significant discount from booking them separately. In person or Skype.

(2 hours)
$USD 225.00

Soul Mastery School FREE Consultation

Book some time to discuss with Juliet about whether or not this deep path into Soul Mastery is right for you.

(30 minutes)